We advocate. We defend. We protect. When all’s said and done, our job is to navigate clients through the judicial process. To do that effectively… and to achieve the best possible outcome for all of our clients… we remain dedicated to certain beliefs:

  • INFORMATION… clients have the right to remain informed about their cases.
  • INVOLVEMENT.. every client has the right to be fundamentally involved in his or her own case.
  • UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE… no two clients or cases are ever identical.
  • QUALITY..clients have the right to consistent, quality representation each and every day.

From the most simple will to the most complicated divorce we believe that the client should have a complete knowledge of and understand every available option. It is, after all, your life that is being impacted.

Our goal is to handle each client’s case in a way that illustrates every facet of its importance. Our knowledge and experience allow us the ability to form comprehensive case strategies for our clients… but it’s our unique approach that enables us to achieve outstanding results.


Actual Representation

Realistic assessment, knowledgeable advice, and dedicated representation…these are the essential elements of any winning case.

We take the time to learn as much as possible about every case. Too much information is much better than not enough. We know our clients. We make ourselves aware of their worries, their concerns, and their fears. Most importantly, we know that not every client necessarily wants to see his or her case go to trial, and we recognize that there are times when mediating or settling a claim, or pleading out a case, might very well be in a client’s best interests… versus that same client having to go through the lengthy and often complicated litigation process.

In addition to providing clients with regular status reports and updates, we also take time to make sure they’re familiar with the legal process at work in their individual cases. Clients should always feel welcome to contact us with questions or concerns.

Litigation Experience

We’re willing and able to litigate on our clients’ behalf.We have considerable trial experience appearing before different courts throughout Georgia, and are able to expertly handle each stage of the litigation process.


Pre-Litigation Investigation / Lawsuit Avoidance

Evaluating Legal Claims / Theories of Recovery / Potential Defenses

Interpreting Notice Requirements & Statutes of Limitation or Repose

Drafting Legal Pleadings (Petitions; Answers; Counterclaims; Etc.)

Arranging for Service of Process

Locating & Interviewing Witnesses (or Potential Witnesses)

Propounding & Responding to Discovery Requests

Taking Depositions

Preparing or Responding to Evidentiary & Procedural Motions

Asset Location & Recovery

Coordinating Business Valuations & Forensic Audits

Selecting Expert Witnesses

Issuing Subpoenas to Compel Witness Attendance & Document Production

Preparing Clients & Witnesses for Trial

Jury Selection (Voir Dire)

Skilled Argument & Representation at Trial

Use of Technological Aids Such as PowerPoint, Recreation Videos, &

Models or Scaled Exhibits

Filing or Responding to Post-Trial Motions & Appeals

*We offer free initial consultations on all criminal and personal injury cases. We offer a reduced initial consultation fee of $75.00 on all family law / domestic relations / all other civil cases (limited to 45 minutes); however, should you decide to retain our services within 30 days after your initial consultation, 100% of your consultation fee will be applied as an immediate credit against the total cost of our services. Please inquire about any other type of case.

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