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Additional Disclaimers

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS: Offer of a free initial consultation applies only to potential clients seeking representation on a criminal matter or in connection with a personal injury case. Note: personal injury does not include claims based on domestic violence.

REDUCED-COST INITIAL CONSULTATIONS: Offer of reduced-cost initial consultation applies to any potential client seeking representation in connection with a family law / domestic relations matter. Family law / domestic relations cases would include: divorce cases (contested or uncontested); alimony or spousal support; child support; child custody; division of marital assets or marital debt; modification of prior decrees; Income Deduction Orders; contempt actions arising from non-payment of child support or alimony; etc.

CREDIT AGAINST FUTURE COST OF SERVICES: In the event you are required to pay a fee for your initial consultation, we will credit 100% of that fee against the total cost of our services, provided that: 1) we have agreed to accept representation on the matter you initially inquired with us about; 2) you give us notification of your decision to retain our services and enter into a Fee Agreement and tender your initial payment within thirty (30) days after your initial consultation; and, 3) the facts and circumstances of your claim or case as you described them to us during your initial consultation are true an accurate (to the best of your understanding and knowledge). “Total cost of our services” means our full fixed/flat fee or our full initial retainer fee. In the event we authorize payment arrangements on your case, the aforementioned credit shall be applied against the total fee, not your first or any subsequent payment. This credit shall not apply to any expenses which we anticipate incurring or may incur on your file.

PAYMENT FOR INITIAL CONSULTATIONS: If payment is required by us for an initial consultation, payment is due in hand at the beginning of the scheduled appointment. Should any person arriving for his/her initial consultation fail to provide payment at the beginning of the appointment, we have the right to cancel or terminate the appointment. In addition, we have the right to exercise the remedies listed below under the sub-heading “Cancelled or Missed Appointments”. If payment is expected for an initial consultation, but not made, we also reserve the right to invoice any individual for the time an attorney has spent in discussion with such person about his/her claim or case. We accept cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, and personal and business checks. For any personal or business check, the check must be drawn on a Georgia bank account or have a Georgia address. Valid photo ID will be required in order for us to accept any personal or business check. In the event your check is returned for non-sufficient funds or a stop-payment order is issued after our acceptance, we will pursue collection activity for the face amount of the check plus a $35.00 returned-check processing fee. In no event will we accept a partial payment, collateral in lieu of payment, or a verbal or written promise to pay; additionally, we will not agree to invoice you or accept payment at some future date, even in exchange for a promised increase in the amount of payment.

APPLICABILITY OF OFFERS FOR INITIAL CONSULTATION(S): Offers of free and/or reduced-cost initial consultations applies to individuals who have not previously consulted with us about the same or substantially the same matter. At our election, we also reserve the right to decline to schedule an initial consultation appointment for any individual who has previously consulted with us about a different matter. Existing clients are eligible to consult with us about new or different matters on the same terms as we offer to potential new clients.

NO GUARANTEE AS TO THE AVAILABILITY OF CONSULTATION APPOINTMENTS: We cannot guarantee any appointments for initial consultations. In rare circumstances, we may decline to schedule an initial consultation. Typical reasons include, but are not limited to: 1) our unavailability / time constraints on our part; 2) there is a conflict of interest which would prohibit us from meeting with a particular individual; or, 3) other factors beyond our control.

TIME LIMITS FOR INITIAL CONSULTATIONS: Unless prior arrangements are made with our office, all appointments for an initial consulation will be limited to 45 minutes. We ask that you please see our “Forms” page to download and complete the appropriate forms prior to your scheduled appointment. If you’d like, you may also forward completed forms to us prior to your scheduled appointment. Forms should be: 1) scanned and e-mailed to info@JonesLawLLC.com; 2) faxed to us at (678) 807-2952; or, 3) mailed in a timely manner to Post Office Box 767, Dawsonville, GA 30534-0767. To allow for maximum office efficiency, we ask that you please refrain from hand-delivering completed forms in advance of your scheduled appointment date/time.

FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATIONS: For any initial consultation exceeding 45 minutes, or for any second or “follow-up” consultation appointment, our regular hourly rate(s) will apply.

ON-SITE REQUIREMENT FOR INITIAL CONSULTATIONS: It is anticipated that any initial consultations shall take place at our office located at 169 Highway 9 S, Suite 110 in Dawsonville, GA. At our election, we may choose to arrange for an off-site visit or telephone consultation; however, additional fees or costs may apply. Under the terms and conditions of our offer(s) to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, we are not required to visit any inmate in a correctional facility, half-way house, residential treatment program, etc. We may agree to do so, but certain terms and conditions may apply. We are also not required to schedule any appointments to take place at a person’s home, hospital, nursing or retirement home, outpatient clinic, therapeutic or recovery facility, etc. Again, we may choose to do so, but certain terms and conditions may apply. Transportation to and from your initial consultation appointment shall be your responsibility and shall be at your expense. We do not typically conduct initial consultations by telephone unless a potential client resides outside our general vicinity. We may agree to conduct an initial consultation by telephone; however, certain terms and conditions may apply.

HOURS FOR INITIAL CONSULTATION: It is anticipated that initial consultations will take place during normal business hours (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM), Monday through Friday. As a general rule, we do not schedule appointments for intial consultations during evening hours or on weekends or holidays. We may agree to do so; however, certain terms and conditions may apply.

CANCELLED OR MISSED APPOINTMENTS FOR INITIAL CONSULTATIONS: In the event you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, we ask that you please notify us by telephone or e-mail at least 24 hours in advance. Should you fail to do so (regardless of whether your failure to attend is medical or emergency in nature, work-related, etc.), we reserve the right to: 1) refuse to schedule future appointments for you (as to any matter, whether or not related to the matter you initially inquired with us about; and/or, 2) to schedule a future appointment for you and charge you our regular hourly rate(s). In the event we elect to schedule a future appointment for you and charge you our regular hourly rate(s), you will be notified of our decision at the time of rescheduling. In the event we need to cancel or reschedule an appointment for an initial consultation, no penalty shall apply and no payment shall be due until the beginning of the rescheduled appointment; provided, however, that no potential client shall be entitled to a discount or waiver of future payment by virtue of our cancelling or rescheduling that individual’s original appointment for an initial consultation.

LIMITATIONS ON INITIAL CONSULTATIONS / REQUIREMENTS FOR FORMATION OF AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP: An initial consultation is an opportunity for you to describe the facts and circumstances of your claim or case to us, and for us to evaluate your claim or case. You should expect to receive a preliminary determination from us as to whether or not we would be willing to undertake representation on your behalf, an estimate of our fees and costs, and an anticipated time frame for completion of your case. Nothing said or communicated to you during an initial consultation should be construed as legal advice, nor are you entitled to rely on it as such. We may make general recommendations as to procedure, or perhaps communicate generalized information or provide commentary about the applicability of various legal statutes or procedural requirements to your particular claim or case; however, these communications do not constitute legal advice. In the event you have asked us to render a formal legal opinion on any subject or matter, we will require a fee to do so and any such opinion will be provided to you in writing. In no event shall any verbal commentary substitute for a formal, written legal opinion. Restated, unless you receive a formal, written legal opinion from us, you are not entitled to claim that one has been provided by us to you. Absent receiving a formal, written legal opinion from us, you are not otherwise entitled to act (or omit action) in reliance on any communication from or by an attorney, agent, or employee of this Firm.

Specifically, this provision shall apply to: procedural requirements of any Court of administrative or quasi-administrative agency, or compliance therewith; interpretations or applicability of contractual provisions; the admissibility or characterization of evidence; the applicability (or lack thereof) of any statutes of limitiation or repose; any issues relating to time limitations for appeal or filing of motions; the viability of any legal claim or defense; the legality of any particular act or omission, or of any proposed act or omission; requirements relating to the proper or necessary parties to a lawsuit; any issues related to personal or subject matter jurisdiction; the applicability of any State or Federal statutes or administrative regulations to your claim or case; and/or the existence of evidentiary or procedural grounds (or lack thereof) for any motions or appeals. Your initial consultation is for “limited evaluation purposes” only, and does not serve to form the basis for an attorney-client relationship with this Firm, or with any attorney or member of this Firm.

Formation of an attorney-client relationship will require our agreement to undertake representation; execution of a formal, written Fee Agreement by you (and counter-signed by an authorized member of this Firm); and, tender of your initial fee payment under the terms of the Fee Agreement. To the extent that your written Fee Agreement conflicts with any portion of this Disclaimer, the Fee Agreement shall take precedence and supercede the language herein.